Our Story

Who is Daily-Cravings.com?

Daily-Cravings.com is an online store selling wholesome  snacks from established and reputable suppliers.

When you shop with us, you are assured that your food will of the highest quality. 

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There is nothing special about us at DC except that we love to munch. We are not “foodies” or culinary experts - we just know what we like and what we don’t.

We are about celebrating all things small, tasty and mouth watering.  Quality is of utmost important to us as it affects taste and emotions.

Unlike foodies searching for the next trendy place to eat or food to down, once we discover something truly good, we will search high & low for it. 

We Craved 7D Mangoes

We chanced up 7D mangoes at Changi Airport 15 years ago.
One bite was all it took for us to get hooked.  It is in our opinion the best dried mangoes in the world.

Unfortunately, the 7D mangoes weren't readily available here in Malaysia back then.  We just had to have more, so we made the call, flew to the Philippines to meet the President of 7D, leaving the rest to history with 7D being found throughout Malaysia  in major supermarkets and grocery stores and now here ONLINE 

Our Promise

We promise quality, convenience and prompt service.